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Project Chrysalis #1

WHAT IS PROJECT CHRYSALIS? This debut issue begins in 1939 with a mystery that will resonate through the rest of the series.  Fast forward to the present: a girl suddenly manifests dark powers in the center of Central Park. Find out how a mysterious company named Tiber Corporation is somehow linked to the girl's extrordinary abilities. Also, what is the link between Tiber Corp. and the mystery of 1939?

Project Chrysalis #2

DECISIONS, ORIGINS, HEADLINES, AND DEVILS... The girl has a decision to make. Should she leave with the mysterious Carsten Ballack? Or, take her chances with the police that are about to arrive? We are also introduced to Anthony Vorce, a news paper reporter who is obsessed with the wrong doings of the sinister corporation; Tiber Corp. Follow the many twists and turns in Project Chrysalis #2. Available now!

Morgue #1

THE ONLY GOOD HUMAN IS A DEAD ONE... In this debut issue, we are introduced to Karl, an alienated teenager who wants to be special, and yearns for the approval of his deadbeat father. As Karl somberly trudges through the day-to-day mess that is his life, a darkness festers within him. You will learn the origin of Karl's nickname 'Morgue' and the dark secret he keeps hidden from his parents. Finally, you will be horrified when Karl discovers the frightening power that will change his life forever.

Morgue #2

WHEN THE DEAD RISE, YOU WON'T HAVE A CHANCE TO BREATHE IN THIS FAST-PACED SECOND ISSUE! Karl, an alienated teenager, has been empowered with a dark energy. This darkness has summoned the dead from their slumber to rescue the girl of Karl's dreams from a sadistic bully. However, things quickly turn sour, and we realize the depths of Karl's disturbed psyche. Also, who is the figure that has been appearing via a vortex, and what is this being's agenda?

692 #1

Expirement 692 shows us the grim reality of a super soldier. In this debut issue we follow the plight of Experiment 692. A soldier that has been genetically altered by a shadowy organization known as The Tiber Corporation. Whilst being transported, 692 breaks free of his shackles and escapes. Now on the run, will 692 avoid recapture? Also, what extreme measures will Tiber Corp utilize to reclaim their prized asset?