Experiment 692

As we grow old, we realize that our most treasured possessions are family and memories.  In Experiment 692, we follow the story of a soldier that has been stripped of both. However, when he escapes his shackles, vengeance is all he craves. Experiment 692 is part of the Tiber Saga. It acts as a direct tie-in to Morgue and Project Chrysalis.

Experiment 692 #1

Expirement 692 shows us the grim reality of a super soldier. In this debut issue we follow the plight of Experiment 692. A soldier that has been genetically altered by a shadowy organization known as The Tiber Corporation. Whilst being transported, 692 breaks free of his shackles and escapes. Now on the run, will 692 avoid recapture? Also, what extreme measures will Tiber Corp utilize to reclaim their prized asset?