As we grow old, we realize that our most treasured possessions are family and memories.  In Experiment 692, we follow the story of a soldier that has been stripped of both. However, when he escapes his shackles, vengeance is all he craves. Experiment 692 is part of the Tiber Saga. It acts as a direct tie-in to Morgue and Project Chrysalis.


WHAT IS PROJECT CHRYSALIS? A girl suddenly manifests dark powers in the center of Central Park. Find out how a mysterious company named Tiber Corporation is somehow linked to the girl's extrordinary abilities. Also, what is the link between Tiber Corp. and the mystery of 1939?

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Have you ever carried the burden of a dark secret? In this comic noir, follow as Karl navigates through the mine field that is his life. It’s a story you can relate to, at first. However, as things start to break down we realize how different Karl really is.